Parish Staff

Rev. Joseph L. Muth,
Jr., Pastor

Sr. Andre Rothschild, CMS,
Coordinator of RCIA

Mrs. Patricia DeLisle,
Minister of Music

Mrs. Robin Novak,

Ms. Barbara Metz,
Director of Social Ministry

Ms. Ann Marie Bunner,
Administrative Assistant

Sr. Rita Michelle Proctor, OSP,
Principal, Cardinal Shehan School

Mrs. Dorris van Gaal
Director of The Northeast
Catholic Community Faith
Formation Center

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is prayerful, pastoral, representative, discerning, prophetic, enabling, and collaborative. Members of the Pastoral Council have a willingness to serve the people of God who make up the parish community. They serve knowing that they don’t have all the answers – only a faith and a trust that God’s Spirit abides within the Church. It is this Spirit who will help the Council to know the best response for a given situation and who will nourish and sustain them in their times of doubt and searching. The Council is made of up the Pastor, 8 elected adult members, 1 youth member, and up to 4 members appointed by the Pastor. Membership in the parish is required for nomination to the Council.

Our History

Authorization to establish St. Matthew Parish was given in June 1949 when there were no buildings but this section of the city was one of the fastest growing areas.
A pastor was appointed and a house was purchased and used as a temporary rectory. The first building constructed was the auditorium which served as the temporary church, assembly room for school and parish activities and as a cafeteria. The three-story convent designed to accommodate 15 sisters was the second building completed. And in 1964, 15 years after St. Matthew parish was established, the church was completed and dedicated. Over the years, additions and renovations have continued to be made to the buildings, many liturgical changes have been made, the church mission continues to evolve with the changing times, and many people from other communities have joined the parish family. In recent years, immigrants from over 35 countries have come to St. Matthew making it a mosaic of the children of God. St. Matthew is actively involved in community social action, as well as international support for various causes throughout the world. The St. Matthew Parish buildings constructed and renovated over the years have become a body that lives when all are gathered within.